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DSBWorldWide has created a suite of business integration software that will allow your company to add interactive "WebItems® Modules" to your web site.

With WebItems® Software, you can administrate and customize your web site without needing any knowledge of HTML or extensive training in web design or programming.

DSB's WebItems® Software recently released it's newest UAdmin version 6.  Our Back Office UAdmin has been streamlined for more effective management of backoffice users workflow processes.  It has proven to be an effective tool for business integration and site management.

DSB has been developing it’s suite of WebItems® Software for over 10 years.  The first version was an installable application named Marina WebItems® module.  It was built with Visual Basic 6.0 and allowed for marinas to post their boat listings and slip information to the web.  Since then WebItems® Software has moved to an all web based application.  Currently it is open source software using a variety of languages and objects.

The backoffice UAdmin is a robust tool for businesses to manage their business, site content, client information, users and permissions. 

When building the new UAdmin we focused on interaction from the end user.  We wanted to lay the foundation for growth of user ability and functions.  New sections will be able to be easily snapped in.  Skins can be designed for the software with the user having limited ability to change the layout of their home page.  The Workflow process of the UAdmin user is vital to our design.  They must feel comfortable to move around the UAdmin, learn how it works and find their information needed easily.

Now with over 68 WebItems® modules developed, web sites can be developed rapidly. 

For more information on WebItems® Software and how it can be integrated into your business web site, intranet or extranet, please call DSBWorldWide 903-813-4188

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