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Add Navigation
Tuesday, June 28, 2011 at 5:01pm

Clicking “add” or “edit” will bring you to the “add navigation” page.  It is also the same page accessed when clicking on the “add navigation” link.

Here you can select where your new navigation item will be located.  Here, the new item will put into Main.  It will not have a parent, meaning that it will be one of the menu items first seen. 

Selecting a parent menu item can be done by clicking on the “Parent” box in the middle of the page and selecting the item in the dropdown box that appears below “Parent”.  For example, you could select “Home”, “Contact”, “About”, etc.  The new item will be presented upon rollover of the parent link. 

The “Target” box dictates where the new navigation item appears.  It can be in the same window, a new window, a media window, the parent item, the search box, or the top.

The “Visible to” box dictates to whom the item is visible to.  It can be visible to the public or your website members.

The “Name” box must be filled out.  It is what the link is called, and is the text that will appear in the link.

The “Link” box is where the the link URL is entered.

If you’d like to hide the article until it is complete, uncheck “Active”.  Doing so will prevent the link.

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